Sunday, August 31, 2003

i had pretty busy weekend. pretty packed. i went to womad on friday night. nitin sawhney was madness. when he was performing at 11, we came in front to watch him. He didnt exactly looked how he did in pictures, but anyways, alot of ppl came in front. i was totally swept away by the atmosphere he brings. his music is so beautiful. he is, without a doubt, the ish. he also brought in his whole band plus the singers and he performed migration, breathing light, cold and intimate, prophesy, letting go, human and broken skin. if i could recall properly, im not too sure bout the titles anyway. The singers were great, they had such beautiful voices. There was this particular white lady, her vooice made the atmosphere so surreal. When it all ended, i went to get some food and got home at ard 2.

The next day, i went to JB with Izaril. Izaril bought new pants n i got shoes. Went to taka after JB to catch dogg's performance but missed it. It was really wasted cos we spent 25 bucks on being transported back just to catch dogg's performace which we missed and we could have just taken the bus. Saw a familiar faces, then went to McDonalds for supper. Finally got home at 1. That was my Saturday.

Sunday has always been a day for me to laze around. Mummy's off for 3 days. So we went off to visit lovely grandmother. I got to watch Gilmore Girls. I just hate it if i miss it. Then went for dinner with Uncle David and Mummy. I wanted to get a pair of slippers from fcuk or the roxy one. But we were too late. Both shops were closed :(

I have gotten something off my chest and finally told someone bout "the real deal". Thank god it finally got out. I hope he'll not hold grudges against me. After all, u cant force something that isnt there.

"broken skin, distant fears, shattered world of endless tears....silent lips. so far, so near"

::listening to nitin's walk away::

this one motivates me, gives me a sense of independence. i find courage in this.
(i think i talk too much)

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