Thursday, August 21, 2003

i rant. i bitch. im sensitive. im temperamental. im me.

word=A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

promise=A declaration assuring that one will or will not do something; a vow.

i think if someone made you a promise, gave you their word. you should hold them to it. unless of course they have a reason for not conforming. when given promises, expectations arise. it'd only be polite if you kept your word. it speaks of the person you are.

once i met this guy on the internet, told me he was 20, taking a private diploma in some IT course. we exchanged perspectives on many things. went on, rambled on... a few months later, i came to find out that he was a total fraud. he lied bout his age, his academics, his love life, parents, events basically everything. get the picture? he even saved a picture he came across the internet and told everyone that she was his girlfriend. it wasnt any practical joke, cos he is seriously is living a lie. how can anyone face this on a day to day basis. its enough that we have alot to conform to and to put up a front despite everything just to get by the day, so i assume that being honest, being truthful as much as possible seriously helps. Life is complicated, if we can afford to simplify, who in the right mind wouldnt. So back to this guy, apparently he was running away from home. 19 years old and running away from home. silly boy. He told his friends that he got into a fight with his mum because she found some illegal stuff in his room, so the mother contacted me, sobbing to me about her son. I asked her why he ran away, she told me he didnt clean his room and was neglecting responsibilities as an elder child, so she got upset and expressed her feelings, her anger. and he seriously tripped. he stole his dad's bracelet which costs like a thousand buckaroos when he ran away. he went to seek shelter at his friend's place and as if the problems were not enough, he stole his mother's friend gold too. borrowed heaps amount of money from other friends too. only to get new stuff for himself. a guy that materialistic. thats the first

how ungrateful. she gave u shelter. he lended u a hand when u needed one. she raised you. he made up this whole facade, created this whole lie. all for nothing. all these times, i recall hearing his voice saying "get a reality check lin" and im like OK. whatever.

why say anything at all when things are really better left unsaid. no one asked, no one cares, so whats really the deal here? honestly, i do pity him. but still there is no reason for him to do what he did. whatever he went through in the past simply gives him a reason to move on, get on with the future. get a life.

i hate promises. i hate self-acclaimed statements. i dont make them. i dont want to hear them

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