Thursday, August 28, 2003

im totally worned out from school. i feel fatigue. woke up late today, had class at 8 and didnt attend it. next class was at 9. had a presentation for that one. skipped the lecture after that but stayed back for a project meeting. apparently, my team members decided to hold the project meeting right after lecture, n i had told one of them to inform me once they got started. but they only informed me after they finish. i really prefer to do work on my own. they made me wait for nothing. buncha sheeps. i would love to give them a piece of my mind, but nah. too much energy is needed for that. so i made my way home to catch days of our lives. yes. days of our lives.

on my way home, i met mummy on the bus. she looked so tired. i was at the upper deck, went to the lower deck to approach her. she was just looking down, staring at the floor, then she saw me. she had this lightened up smile when she saw me. a smile is always so comforting. she asked me to go cycling with her one day. cycling..i miss that

so i watched another long episode of days of our lives. the story runs from one generation to the other. i wonder when it will ever end. i watch it just to let time pass by. one scene in that show could last for 10 episodes for more. i guess the director was trying to make the audience be at the edge of their seats, desperate enough to know what will go on next. heh.

the wonders of tv. a plain black box, projects images on to a screen and gets suckers like all of us today to get emotionally attached to it. whats more is that it influences each and every one of us in our daily behaviours, be it big or small. thats the one voice that all of us listen to. even more than we listen to our moms, father figures or even a religious voice, maybe even god. media is plays a role in everyone's life today. no matter how isolated you can be.

i once had a discussion with a friend bout realization n ignorance. realization's a bitch and ignorance clouds reality. but you know whats the best. just live and be simple.

izaril came across this:
You know the world is going crazy when
1)the best rapper is a white guy
2)the best golfer is black guy
3)The Swiss is holding America's cup
4)France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance
5)Germany doesn't want to go to war."

how true.

"how did i get here?"

::listening to nitin's breathing light::

simply sweeps me away. stepping into the surreal state

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