Tuesday, September 2, 2003

a girl on tv

a girl on tv
shes hot news, the good catch, the talk of the town. she makes others envious of her. by showing more, she is more sensual and more worthy. shes special. the epitome of perfect.

i do believe in women who speak their own voices, but i do not believe in women exploiting themselves. it kills her sensuality. then theres the perfect beings with their perfect faces and their perfect smiles and eyes n teeth n nose n chin n cheekbones n eyebrows (get the msg rite) this instills a feeling in normal women (those who do not appear in media) that they lack something. so in one way or another, its just a way of telling everybody else that theyre imperfect, that they lack something. when in actual fact, you are enough. i dont need a marketing scheme to get me to purchase perfection.

so the thin line between an average girl and a girl on tv is a camera. sounds silly, hell yea. true, even more even so. i really dont care if the perfect people live in their own perfect world cause it doesnt bother me that much. but what does bother me is the streotype that we lack something. we are less than them because we do not have the "lights camera action" thing. i believe that any ordinary girl should receive as much respect and should be looked upon equally. dont judge someone because shes not willing to exploit herself. i think that deserves respect. she is NOT ANY LESS. she is NOT LESS BEAUTIFUL. she is NOT LESS SPECIAL.

if its anything any woman yearn for, its perfection. its in us i guess. the bottomline is that with or without publicity, youre as fucking special as anyone else...

so get me a camera, some make up, good lighting. can i be perfect then?

im the one with the stories, you decide whether it makes sense or not. i may rant alot. but hell, i think i do make some sense. unless its too hard for you to absorb ya?

"i wish i was special, so fucken special. im a creep, im a weirdo... i dont belong here"

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