Thursday, September 11, 2003

How does it feel to spend 3 years of your life only to have that person tell you that you've squandered it all away to nothing.

To whom it may concern, i tried. I fucken tried. I changed my ways to suit you, I try as much to be what you want me to be. But still im not enough for you. You threw it all back at me. I always tried to rationalize your actions before reacting to it, so i could avoid any unnecessary pain or burden to you

I loved you unconditionally. I loved you so much.

Perhaps we dont see eye to eye. But its not impossible for things to change. If you wanted it to change, theres no reason it wouldnt. why shouldnt it.

Should i be disappointed in you or me? If i tried harder, will it be the same? will it make a difference? would you..? So now you love me but you are not in love with you.

love me and leave me, leave me to love...

"we've been had, u said its over..."

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