Saturday, September 20, 2003

i need to find some solitude in the midst of this panic.

ever felt not good nuff. god i hate this feeling. (but i do love you for allowing my existence)

sometimes it just sucks to pour ur heart into something, and no matter what you do. it never seems to be good enough. when u complain, ppl go like at least u tried. hell, nobody in this world needs sympathy. sometimes u just want to be good at something u love doing. n it sucks when u cant be.

it is not the ppl's expectations tt matters but ur own. then again the sympathetic ppl say u shouldnt expect too much from urself and just accept what u really are. ok! its really contradicting when u were taught from birth to aim high, reach high and suddenly when u cant, u get a few sympathetic words as consolation and there it is; your dream

dreams are hopeless aspirations. dreams are usually inspired. we taught ourselves to dream and our environment helped to colour our dreams. but we own the bigger picture. we own our reality; good or bad, it is ours. i do not intend to find answers to why most dreams lost to reality because that was the way we were built.

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