Sunday, September 14, 2003

i went to ikea earlier today with zul, izaril and aizat. it was alot of fun. can you imagine a buncha young adults behaving like kids and running in trollies. childish, maybe but u dont owe the world an explanation because youre havin fun. or at least i think so. we had this takraw ball and zul threw it at aizat whose immediate reaction was to push the ball away...and the ball flew over to this chinese guy. he, aizat (the slumberboy) looked away and carefully made his way to hide behind the pillar. it was funny ok.

then we had another ball. this was really small, suitable for juggling. and we were playing ard with it, and it accidentally went to the escalator and it was bouncing all over the place. a malay couple finally caught the ball and they were looking for the owner. izaril asked for the ball. kita org nye muka semua dah merah n all. malu seh.

there were a few other incidences where the ball took off without notice but it was all good. we still have it. its been through alot for one day. i think the rest of the gang was heading to the esplanade and we felt it was going to be mendak. so we went to ikea n queensway. i had fun, heaps of it. i hope everyone else did too

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