Tuesday, September 16, 2003

of all the people i know, one person i truly admire is my mum. shes 43 years of age, a single parent, living on her own and shes the most beautiful person i know. if u could see her through my eyes, then you'd truly understand.

it is hard to become a single parent. shes been through many struggles that pain itself can never taste as bitter. she conforms to the every day requirements, but as she conforms, she gives. slowly losing a part of her as the days flip through another page another chapter.

i came home today and she was crying. she was having problems at her workplace, my grandmother n all. i took a sip of her emptiness with admiration of her strength. shes all i have and i hate to see her shed a tear, what more another person cruel enough to hurt her; a person so kind, so gentle and so sincere. i hated the person who did to her.

life has presented her with many problems. she faced. she fell. she stood up. i could never put into words exactly how much i love her and my love for her could never be quantified into numerations.

i have her. she has me. we're all we have. we're all we need.

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