Sunday, September 28, 2003

Tifah closed the doors. She walked to the lift. The wind was blowing her curled hair. She entered the lift, hoping to find no one there and she wondered if he had waited for her on the 9th floor. When she reached the mezzanine, she found Helmi sitting.

They made their way together to meet their friends. Friends. She thought to herself if it was ever worth calling them that or if she had any. The only people who stood by her were the ones who wanted something from her. She sighed.

There they were, at the corner of the city stood a place for teens to hang around or "chill" as they would have called it. The guitar cords played on her ear drums. There were so many youngsters, too many. They looked as if they had dressed up for some special occasion. Familiar faces glared at her, others focusing on her body parts. She tried to look away, to an entrance so silent. A smile shaped the lips of Fahmi. She went to him awkwardly with Helmi beside her. There was a local band playing. They must have wanted to gain exposure through local gigs.

This was the typical life of somebody her age. Saturdays were always to laze around with friends. Sometimes they talked. Sometimes it was silence painted on sounds of amateurs singing, drums and guitars strummed. It was something to look forward to.

Another group joined her. She had seen these faces many a times but was never comfortable in their presence. At that moment she felt out of place.

The birthday boy arrived with his girlfriend. She had long hair. It was notable because usually she wore the tudung. She was in the same school as Tifah and in school she seemed decent enough although her action weren't. But it didn't matter or concern her she thought to herself. Aidil who turned 20 that day was always the tough guy. He was small built but sometimes she wonders where his arrogance came from in the purest form of ugliness.

Why was she even there? It was not as if her presence made a difference. She lighted up a fag trying to avoid being intimidated. The fire extinguished.

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