Friday, October 31, 2003

in love with dishwalla's every little thing..

last day of exams...
so next monday marks the beginning of my 9 to 5. or rather 8.30 to 5.30. and alternate saturdays. for 450? shit.
cheap labour. cheap bastards.
im richer without a job.

hes lost. going to camp
backpackers who cant close their bags needs the strength of 5 men
all they need is a strength of a woman
all a woman needs is the shoulder of a man.

ramblings. rubbish. should be recycled.
nonsensical. bcos it makes sense to me.
uttering gibberish. an obsession.
show me some love man

end of a semester. end of misery. not really.
oh bliss. where are you.
give me back the smiles man. u owe me one.
thoughts flushed down. brain capacity diminished. reduced lead time.
this is some brain logistics ish.
i need to centralize. wahahaha.

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