Thursday, October 16, 2003

she hoped on every tear/ she never understood what it meant/ this melancholy/ pain of yesterday/ was surrounding her clouds/ deafening her ears/ it was here to stay/ so push your hopes away/ throw it in her abyss/ at least it contained something/ she always looked to the side/ so you could never tell/ never predict her grey skies/ her white lies/ all of which consumed her/ she yearned for it/ but truth cheated her/ he chose to lie/ she shuts down/ opens the other side/ faces her own demons/ telling her she had to/ she had to believe/ it was all left/ it was the only residue/ he forgot she had it/ had he knew, it would be gone/ she held it tight in her hands/ gripping it/ it was everything she had/ she wanted more/ the whispers got louder/ her butterfingers couldnt hold on/ it slipped/ it was all for nothing/ so she stood there/ waiting/ impatient/ empty/ alone/ everything else was clearer/ as if she gained her vision/ if only she had forseen/ this would not be the way it had been/ she deposits her remorse/ hoping to withdraw/ hoping he would see what she had saw

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