Monday, November 3, 2003

hmm. 1st day of work.

picture this:
a paper stack pile of 1 metre high. sort it out.. put them by months. by gender. punch holes. put them each into files.

not exactly the epitome of a perfect job. well. the ppl are nice so far. i said so far. lets hope it stays that way.
the operating system there is windows 95? who uses that anymore.. dayum. talk bout upgrades. so errr. went for lunch. tried so hard to d/l msn messenger. had to settle for 5.0. the speed transfer is lousy. i coulda crawled from chinatown to little india, and taught a chinese man how to speak tamil with accent.

to even out the score. i am going to take as many "leaves" as possible. be it medical or compassionate. doing a job like this for 450 aint passion. bumming ard at home for free is passion. bumming ard for money is love.

all ramblings aside (what do i mean by that anyway?), tomorrow, eyes open at 7 ish. work 830.from work 7. shut eyes 12. i feel tired already.

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