Wednesday, November 5, 2003

need something to feed my mental. need some food to feed my soul. i need to elevate.
im not even close

lets assess.
picture one: regularity. all in unison. the differences rooted from how each one stands tall. but he chose conformance in this propaganda. hes just one of them at large. but he cant simply surpass his roots.

picture two: in too deep. 9 to 5. neglects everyone n everything else. who is he working for?

picture three: she joins them. apparently, he couldnt make enough.she sets papers instead of food on the table. everyone hungered for her.

picture four: realization's a bitch. too many conformed. in need of revolution. she had found a friend. it was more than what her 12 inch monitor could ever offer her

picture five: it was getting personal. how was liberation part of what he had promised. he said freedom of and from everything. a person of a higher status was not going to rule her. talk bout sagregation of colours and classes. so much for promises. YOU DO NOT HAVE A DREAM. she was free to a certain extent. but they had nurtured her so well, it was too late. somebody should have warned her.

today she sits in front of a white screen. in which hope never existed. her world could just vanish within the turn of a switch. she was built so fragile. she needed to breathe...

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