Saturday, December 13, 2003

hello blog.
its been long since i formally address this bitch named life.

ok. boredom is back with vengeance. the boredom stikes back. we should have a club or union for all the bored ppl of the world. bored of the moment, sick of life and painful for eternity.

to exist for eternity is a scary thought. but who am i to question faith. so before i breach whats rightfully written, its best i cease this controversial topic.

thank god for the chickens. good chicken gold roasted tickle my taste buds. love the chickens.

bored bored bored. may days are filled with 9 to 5s til mid jan04. school comes in to save me from the hustle and bustle of working life. change of atmosphere. i'll inhale on the text how wonder wal-mart is with its mgmt. not tt i care. but wtf.

school ends in errr jun04. end of my school days marks adulthood who prefers to be set aside. being a child forever is too good to be true. the bitch sets back in with its bastard child with overgrown pubic so much like a bush. i swore i had seen the media get excited over it.

i blink too many times to keep my eyes open. i guess u have to close doors for the rightful to open. open is hollow. i guess opportunity only comes to the hollow.

whats this about deep thinking intellects. drown in your own deepness.

most of what i say may sound nonsensical. im prolly the closest relative to myself because others have chosen to repel from my appalling disturbing behaviour.

the king returns on dec 16. i couldve soiled my pants just to get teeks. (i love the fabrication. ) im a sick sick person. elijah couldve warmed my nights but he chose to be gay with dem hobbits. next up...

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