Friday, December 19, 2003

lord of the rings: return of the king is the ish. 3.5 hours is not enough for me.
the show is absolutely beautiful. its is perfect in every sense of the word. im in total awe.

the loyalty and trust sam had shown frodo is legendary. samwise gamgee and frodo baggins.
the sacrifice merry and pippin displayed was enormous.
bow down to the four brave hobbits
the guidance of gandalf succeeding the walk of the ring.
the wise of an old man n the whiz of the wizard.
aragorn strides his leadership and returns as the king to save minas tirith.
walked the paths of the dead with 2 fellows and awoken many.
fought with courage, fought with will, fought with strength
victory because they believed
had pippin not meddle, had aragorn not cure
faramir to be burnt alive
because of the love for boromir
lord of nazgul defeated by a woman n a little one
eowyn portrayed her love for a father
merry and pippin ran into mordor.
the rest followed.
gollum triumped over smeagle.
smeagle's preciousss triumped over gollum
they went to mount of doom
they rested in the same place as the ring. at once, one with the ring.
hobbits returned to the shire.

there. i summarized 3.5 hours for u. oh man.... im crazy bout frodo. damn those eyes.

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