Wednesday, January 7, 2004

yesternite met a significant episode.

town was packed. got what i needed. people flustered down like orcs hunting for somewhat nothing. in the midst of it all, in my own quiet, the world was mine.

food at zam-zam is usually great so yesternite was only conforming.

to end the night with a letter that fed on my worries was not the least comforting. to end it entirely was even worse. somebody's got to do it.

he had given me a year. i cant give it back to him. i only have the rest of my life to go on

a little blood marks a new beginning. and i meant that literally. i guess only me and gollum would know what we mean.

"master betrays us we hates them we hates them"

smeagle lost and won by his other half.

so now can i have my precious?

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