Friday, February 20, 2004

n oh yea whatever happens btwn me and anyone. it surely doesnt concern you. so move over alright. we all got issues? lets not take it personal.

n i dont need a list of "buddies" to know who i got n even try to name ppl i dont even talk to. try putting tt energy somewhere else can? like errr count sheeps or something? yea. productivity is what i like to call it.

ok. have yet to solidify plans. sure, not sure, possibly maybe. selfish to put if off. cruel to put it away? decision making. any takers?

feeling "unknown prophets" on bonnie rait's hook. i breathe the substance from this one whenever i need to. definitely an addict to big jess. theyre oh so humble.
heres the hook:
"i cant make you love me if u dont, u cant make ur heart feel something it that it wont. here in the dark, in this final hours, i will lay down my heart, n i feel coward...."

i miss having girlfriends. the gossips, the drooling, being 16, acting silly (still), meeting curfews (still), the long talks, the envy... its all good huh. oh well. sighs of the heart. u must have meant something.

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