Saturday, February 14, 2004

ok some sheeps are just too negligient of the fact tt there are more important things. when will they ever learn. oh well. buncha sheeps.

jap or not. the genes from the yellow pig is closer really. gimme a break. ur eyelids dont even match. how can they not match. takmo perasan boleh tak. ok. really none of my business. well, i like to flock with the herds. tons of fabrication u know. just have to iron it out

friday the 13th caused my 10 bucks to fly right into the drain. literally. how to keep up with this expensive standard of living tell me lah. money go into drain u know.

tested as of the first. true or false. one statement too broad too many definition. how to not misinterpret. perhaps a sheep could tell me

fetish for sheep is it? not healthy lah u chicken.

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