Monday, February 23, 2004

ok. my head is spinning. terrible terrible headache.

customer relationship management accounts for 30% tomorrow. who cares what customers want. i only care what i want. cos i paid in full. oh but im a customer... sheesh.

being the vain pot tt i am, am still contemplating to have them short or long. i practically folded my hair in two. irritating kan?

excited bout kl. its just kl dammit. ok actually im excited bout shopping! if i go on like this, i might need a walk-in wardrobe (isnt tt good news????!)

girls are buggers. im fat. too many pimples. not enough clothes. need new haircut. is my hair colour nice. look at my nails. hes cute, no wait, HES cute, NO WAIT.. n it goes on. oh shut up will u.

in the irony of it all, im a girl n im such a bugger.

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