Thursday, February 26, 2004

what does it take for one to listen. if endless reminders do not work, what else?

its not easy to penetrate into ur mind to get u to listen. what is it tt u want? in my search for answers, i even forgot the fundamental reason why this even mattered.

how is it at all normal that i tell this to a website but im not able to tell this to u. for different reasons, no one cared to listen. who would care to understand.

why is this such a mess? somebody call the room maintenance or the janitor cos i sure enuff cant clean this up on my own.

was ur "i give up" any consolation? or was it another cheap shot? i guess ure a quick learner, u grew too fast. slow down mister. n i thought the endless rambling rants was mine. who wudda thought

so u chose to walk out? i never gave u an invitation to be where you are right now. but i accepted. n in many occurences, i accepted. but u were so busy trying to seek ur micro right doings, u forgot to see mine.

now which part of this did u dedicate to me? this is dedicated solely to you

i may not have set out to give it all, but i have done what i can, could and would. if it was unample, i'd try. whether my attempts hid under the covers of anger, sadness or hatred, it was all in favour of determination.

what now? this my release, my consolation. this is where i stand, this is my white flag blowing with the winds of you. but you, you triumped, you won. ur ignorance is the very root of my disgression. u lay asleep but ur sound breath still breathes in my ear.

how could you be the bearer of such words, such actions and still hold such importance to me. funny how the wordsmith creates a mirror reflection to her very self.

how many "one last cry"? how many "one last time"? theres only so much one can take. but while i still can, i will grasp every last chance with both hands until u let me go. because of determination

because i, i still care

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