Monday, February 9, 2004

woohoo! the evil world tt exists only virtually has decided to stay. this time for 24 mths at least. YEA! oh the things we are exposed to nowadays. the hideousness we turn to. we shall not be forgiven

oh yeah hes gorgeous eye popping smile oh well 3 yrs lin. 3 yrs. oh the beauty. mmm tt aint pretty. done n over. on to the next. back to the old, the reliable, most definite lovable mwah

school kicks in on monday. two weeks n workload decides to reside on my shoulders. not tt i care to carry it. i just let someone else pick it up. if u cant keep up with the pace, u might as well switch to a faster mode. beat the rest, think fast think fast!

on the third week, i played my part. more roles n responsibilities. no sense n sensibilities.

on the last one. hopefully hilarious humble hung gets to hollywood.

"i have no professional training"

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