Monday, March 29, 2004

and im so stuck on linda's hoobastank blog song. its lovely isnt it. and oh somebody is loving her oh so much. lets just hope tt tt person doesnt love linda the way i do. weeeee~

im obsessed today with who and what. i mean i need serious help. going mental already. my count is 3 days n not so lovin it. i turn practically everywhere everytime as if im looking for a lost puppy. the only thing is tt, its not lost. just havent found it yet. 24/7 ok! its tt baddddd. oh u got it bad. who got what? n im thinking u dont know my name. n it feels like ohhhhhhh

for now my curiousity and anxiety will be fed daily with dosages of... well i cant tell what who.

i see i said. jealousy i said. oweeyyyyyhok. up up and away

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