Tuesday, March 9, 2004

a cry for attention i heard her say.

i hear her loud. i hear her clearly. she says i want to hurt you. n i know exactly how. n i thought i knew what i was doing. she knew better. she figured it out.

if you dont go my way, i'll do what she says. and i said ok. its an agreement. if u hurt me, she hurts me. and she wouldnt do worse than u can ever imagine. she would do exactly what u imagined.

so she did to me to get back at you. now shes piercing into my head. i almost mistook that for solitude. but you, well you are out to get me.

then i realized shes the one protecting me. youre the one hurting me. i had known her all along. how could she be my nemesis. u are. u were all this while.

fuck u. i've felt your presence. i want her. not you

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