Saturday, March 20, 2004

day in town was rowdy as usual. two can feel like hundreds. n oh my feet, somebody save my feet.

my eyes are swelling up for no apparent reason. man it hurts to blink. n women blink twice more than men or so i heard. its painful ok. a certain zul bought me optrex eye wash to help clear up the swelling. lets see your points of difference optrex. all that courtesy of branding

mummys birthday is today. shes been over-sensitive courtesy of her tyroid. aunt and cousins dropped by to pre-celebrate mums bday with blueberry cake two days ago. n oh the auntie was so cold.

apparently, someone conveniently decided to make false accusations about me with no prior evidence. hmmm, im wondering in which way have i made my world revolve around any of you. i stayed out of your lives, didnt i? besides, we're worlds apart, why even bother. i didnt do anything so i dont owe anyone an explanation. n i dont have any intentions of re-evaluating my life to accomodate yours. besides, it might cost me an entire structuring plus im broke. period.

if you have any doubts, any enquiries, any complains, you can call me. im available 24/7, at your service. yours truly.

grapevines are unhealthy. n most definitely destructive when it runs in generations. besides, which of you ever decided to affectionately express whatever it is youre spposed to, to whom youre spposed to. who ever gave you the right to twist truth and lace your words with massive fabrication only to tailor your side of the story. i never provided you with the necessary fabrics in the first place. this is really backwards.

so til i provide you with the fabrics, we'll tailor the story together ya?

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