Tuesday, March 9, 2004

he called. he told me what you said. you said ure not him. u implied so much in those few words.

i cant believe i spent over a year with you. u could hurt me. but u cant hurt him. hes been everything to me. he has been my friend, my lover, my brother, my everything. everything i did, i did and i want with him. u were lucky to have a chance. u were lucky to have done this n got away. i was stupid to allow this.

as much as i hate this. what u said was true. he cant always listen to me. he needs to be free. i love him. with all my heart. he has taught me so much. he'll be fine without me.

i hate myself for doing this to him. i should burn in hell.

and yes zul. fuck your presence. im talking about you. i love izaril. you could do this to me. but dont you dare do this to the person i love.

u ungrateful bastard. my rants were on you. how could i have been so stupid.

izaril baby, i can no longer do this to you. i love you too much to hurt you again.

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