Tuesday, March 9, 2004

human behaviour? im looking for something to blame. n ure my victim this time.

i choose to not feel like im the victim. i choose to not blame it on circumstances. but these are the consequences to your actions.

why do we rationalize other ppl's mistakes to give them an excuse to be forgiven. havent we learnt enough. do u want to know why. bcos its human behaviour.

oh did you say ure sorry? are we switching roles now? are u playing the good guy? tell the director to change the script! and get felicity to make a cameo on the set as well. so i can be even more fickle than felicity.

saying sorry means youre expressing sympathy, pity, regret. how come your sorry is causing sorrow to me. i guess nothings changed. if your sorry means causing sorrow to me, u definitely need to get urself a new dictionary.

i do not understand this. n i never said i did. you said you did. but instead of explaining u ignore. u ignant bastard

man or woman. we were probably made to be different. truth or lies. they're definitely different. right or wrong. it doesnt matter anymore. so what in the world went wrong that we allow ourselves to create a massive mess. perhaps the subconscious mind has its own agenda. agenda from who and what? from day to day, things we dont remember and things we do. why this agenda? well, thats like questioning faith.

some questions are not meant for answers. sometimes, time helps us answer. sometimes, it never gets answered. and sometimes, the answer is right in front of you. i guess i was too blind to see. i wanted to see the bigger picture. but i left out the little details.

its still heated, like a hot iron smacked in my face. i only asked you iron the ruffled parts. u burnt it.
if i ever forgive you or let you in again... ya that will be the day.

"im still super without you"

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