Sunday, March 28, 2004

ok. bored. well, productivity level seems to be bugged nowadays.

not looking forward to school on monday. i only have one class to attend to.

i watched "get real" on channel newsasia. it was about underaged girls and teenagers who had made themselves a victim of desire. this 16 year old girl went for abortion twice and her past is tormenting her. she was 13 when she had her first intercourse due to peer pressure. what has the world become.

the main excuse that most victims used in that show was that they had mistaken sex for.. well, love. the more u have sex with the guy, the more he'll love you. somehow i doubt that tts just it. its one of the reasons but it isnt all to it.

13 is not a ready age. i dont think there really is a ready age until after marriage. it has alot of implications, its not just simply, thrust push and pull. n for a girl, we have emotional implications. we have to be emotionally ready to accept the consequences of our actions. some girls give their all, n to others, its just well, just fun.

we were always taught to be conservative by our parents. but somehow we were too aware it existed. it was freely expressed and often promoted. like most things are nowadays. we have become what you taught us to be, confused that is. this confusion is a clash contradiction of popular beliefs.

someone made it forbidden for a reason. n sometimes we abide it, most times we push it to the back of our minds. many times, we are all ignorant. ignorant bastards.

i do not have a point in saying this. i am just a mere observer of circumstances.

im hooked on smallville. at its very least, i'll keep myself entertained while the masons rule the world.

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