Sunday, March 28, 2004

so saturday was superb. spent it at youth park n ended the night at substation. youth park is filthy with creepy crawlers. a certain caterpillar made a cameo twice today.

spent my morning with "bowling for columbine". im not a documentary person but this one... well this ones worthwhile and so much more. thank you michael moore for the thoughtful insights.

exhausted from today and the many yesterdays. well sunday is big bummer day. thank you god for creating sundays.

well, sidetracking..
we always think that it is god telling us tt we did something wrong or differently from the norm. n as much as we can, we usually try to hide our wrongdoings. for some reason, our conscience reminds us our forbidden doings.
lets get free. admit your mistakes. come clean, u might get closer to something u never thought possible. there are after all infinite possibilities. no one decides to write your life's testament but yourself. instead of burying the load, let the load off. it helps.

and oh i like fish.

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