Thursday, March 18, 2004

wednesday and coming friday has decided to test my patience with books. upcoming projects, incoming late nights. and it'll be over soon. in a month or so before the rest of topics decides to find a new habitat. i guess living off as a parasite is just temporary. like all others, very temporary.

living in or living off. apparently, we spent more than half our lives paying dues before we reach our destination. why didnt anyone write a disclaimer " man this is going to be looooong. " talk bout being thoughtful. well, i dont question existence. but what is your purpose. any takers? as if tts going to happen.

what am i going to do for the rest of my life. we all compromise too much dont we. living your dream would be living a lie. every action has its own consequence/s. so if at one moment in time, circumstances decides to screw you over, we call that coincidence or fate.

how is ignorance fate? who gives a damn. so i'll hit the books and play my chances fairly. if the stake is right, maybe i'll win. we studied the probability of losing it all, n its highly unlikely u'll ever win.

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