Thursday, March 11, 2004

well. the pretentious interview today didnt go so well. some mentioned her eyes being daunting. i guess its true tt part-timers never do their job half as well. some she wasnt nice to said she was absolutely horrific and she was ugly even. then a friend said shes pretty. to justify tt he said tt if she gives him head, it will stand, so shes pretty. and somewhere between his singlish and his dick, i actually thought tt was true.

so woodlands with ekhwan, syawal, yus and izaril wasnt so bad. ekhwan still with his damn dodgy dirty jokes, it was entertaining and annoying. we had our lovely food at a not so lovely place but with a lovely view. oh n on my way home, i stumbled upon a surprise. it definitely couldve been hellooooo you but nooooo. we even picked out red. oh u deluded thing

ive been better. thanks for asking.

oh n funny incident. i was on the bus to wdlands and in my own quiet enjoying the, well just enjoying. n this girl, its not like she fat or huge or anything, she just kept kicking my seat. irritated, i turned and and glared at her for one moment, hoping she would get the msg. when i got off, she looked at me with her oh so fierce face and nudged me saying why did u stare at me for. but hey, its definitely uncomfortable when someone kicks ur seat for no apparent reason. she backed tt up with well it wasnt me, it was the person beside me. i was like ok yaaaaa, but ure the one behind me arent you. yall exchange legs or sumthing. i said fine, rolled my eyes n walked away. pfft. buncha sheeps. come to think of it, i just wasted 2 mins contemplating on it. oh the things ppl do.

and how are u stranger. im not ready for you yet. n im not sure if i'll ever be. ive been ranting in all of this. n i wrote alot, too much. but what would all this mean if i couldnt even dictate a sentence to make you happy.

emilianna torrini made it into my playlist. n i recommend tt u put her on yours.

if you go away as i know you must
there is nothing left in this world to trust
just an empty room full of empty space
like the empty look i see on your face

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