Tuesday, April 6, 2004

accompanied izaril to dhoby ghaut to get his portfolio printed. its pretty impressive actually.

linda asked to come along on her little trip to kl with her little friends, hernie (i got it right this time, i hope) and willis. it sounds fun already. i hope to see wan. didnt get to see him the last time

asone peeps always plan one, n it never happens. korang memang macam gitu. but it'll be fun with the buncha clowns. i miss all of them. the last time we went out was hari raya. its been ages really. ekhwan used to take the trouble of meeting up, now hes a full-time lover and a part-time guy paying off debts. haha. i miss tt guy. he talks non-stop plus he does n says the most dodgy things. he is sooooo annoying. well, ana can handle him. thank god for that.

i remembered the hari raya outing 2 years ago. there were like 30 plus ppl present. like how fun can tt be. almost everyone was there plus a few ppl who came from nowhere. its all good tho. n we even bothered to take public transportation. im thinking what a hassle tt was, but maybe we were the hassle. n nizam has a big house. its so big, i can ask godzilla to stay with me.

im off to climb trees now

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