Tuesday, April 13, 2004

and now is 330am. n worse im not sleepy. and ive got class at 11am.

i like beautiful songs that makes my toes curl during sleepless nights like this. i enjoy it with an intake of nicotine. im a sucker for these things. im enjoying genelec and memphis reigns offerings. it always brings this weird shiver along with memphis reigns verse. ive always loved them. i wish that they made another album or something. theyre inspiring.

now kevon edmonds is exercising his vocals on my itunes. he has the loveliest voice. hes babyface's brother. they sound alike but hes got this smooth thing going on. he delivers goosebumps and its almost like it was deliberate. his a girl like you brings fond memories to me. maybe im an emosoul or just a sucker for him, but hes got it going on for me

n nina persson does it for me too. tts the girl from the cardigans. i like her.
well. none of which is important.

in la la land, im the evil emporer that has so much power, tt i even have someone to rub my groins for me. hehee. im so crude. i run a population of 6 million ppl. who work their asses off for me and im still unhappy. selfish arent i. i eat good food and my servants secretly spit in my food. n the ppl are thinking of starting a rebellion, but my army is suppressing their attempts. im so fucking dominant, tt i got gandhi to strip naked for me, south park to dance their bellies off and simpsons to turn black.

im so corny. maybe cos its late. shall hit the pillows and wrestle my way to bed.

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