Tuesday, April 13, 2004

and so she claimed to be a charmer. and believe me, its not at all out of context. before, she was complaining about another. being a bitch about it. my solution for her was bitch back. she made it sound so hard to do. hah. yea i believe you.

who gives a damn if shes from ntu or some prestigious school. if i were you, tt wouldnt hold me down. shes got intelligence, ive got common sense. yeap.

what is it with ppl who wants to be complicated, abstract and alah tak tau lah. korang irritating. im a halfwit dumbo who loves to kick ass. try me lah. i might outwit u with my dumbness.

im not exactly the prettiest, perfect girlfriend anyone would drool over. i have yet to be the ugliest. i get insecure most times. and yes i do have a problem with self-esteem. i dont stress much over anything actually. but this has been an insecurity.

so what if i dont have your fair skin, big eyes, lovely hair and whatever else u have. ive got a tummy tts filled with happy food. but im not fat tho. well not yet. i will tell myself to love me in sickness and in health for the sake of me.

im pathetic arent i.

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