Friday, April 16, 2004

apparently that wasnt all to it. here's a recollection

1) why do we never ask you out? bcos ur daughter is a bad influence and she may be highly contagious to my little girl

-> i have never bothered to significantly exist in your life. i saw u discouraged any relationship with ur little girl and i hardly even talk to her. i kept my distance. u want my mother without me, fine. it doesnt matter to me. u dont matter to me.

2) i gamble and owe huge debts

-> now without prior evidence, how could u have come up with that. i dont gamble. i dont owe debts. u owe me an apology

3) i associate in dance groups and entertain caucasian men

-> i dont dance. i dance so bad that im not allowed to dance in public. plus it has never been to my fancy. caucasian men? crack ur brains before u make any accusations, i do have a particular interest in crackers. i dont even know one decent caucasian guy.

4) i steal my moms jewellery

-> i love my mother, more than u love her as your own sister. i wouldnt steal from my mum. she provides me sufficiently fyi. unlike you. ur son steals from u, how come no one made a big deal out of tt?

5) i am too liberal and i dress outrageously

-> did you check the date and time rite. have u been out lately. apparently, jubah isnt in at moment. sorry to dissappoint you. never judge a book by its cover. u clearly misread tt. i'll wear whatever i want, whenever i want. why should it bother you if my mother thinks its decent enough.

6) i am into prostitution

-> hohoho. OK!

7) i am stupid and i am a complete failure

-> pardon me for being stupid, why do intelligent ppl not come with common sense anymore. seems tt their wits fucked with them

8) i am a clubber, drinker, smoker whatever-er

yes smoker, not much of a drinker. clubbing? i dont like to dance, i dont like to stay up tt late outside, i dont like the crowd. im one hella of a clubber.

9) i like to take pictures with guys and im so proud of it

-> ppl smile in captured moments. ever watched a kodak ad?

10) my name means destruction and i will never grow up to be a decent person

-> spread love, not hate

11) i am faizal's ex girlfriend and ive done so many things with him

-> pleaseeeeeeeeeeee lah. he would never say tt. he joked n u bitched.

nows tt was motivating. thank you god for creating such an understanding mother. my auntie had conveniently accused me of all mentioned above and god knows what. mother trusted me so much, she asked me before believing anything the auntie said. shes tt lovely.

yes the smoking and hardly the drink. none of the above is true. and i do not have an explanation for you. i didnt do anything so how the hell should i explain things i didnt do. where did u get all these. use ur common sense lah. bitch with evidence.

ure 45 years old. how am i spposed to tell you to grow up.
i forgive you for you know not what you do

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