Tuesday, April 13, 2004

awww. michelle said she had fun working with me. n yes im a sucker for all this. michelle is the person i work with on many of my projects. shes the one who takes the leading role in motivating the other three pigs inclusive of myself to do work. i had alot of fun working with them. from the playful tease to the serious talks with ck. theyre so goddamn funny. the gay boys from our group are so helpful. u can tell ck u dno how to do something and he'd actually help u look it up.

now tt the end is near, im not really looking forward to it. ive got 2 weeks before exams. next week is my last week with them. n i hate to part. tomorrow, zul starts his stay-ins. n in a few months, izaril is doing his national service. the last time i checked, it was my first day of school.

no, things are not falling apart. and yes i will be alright. bcos no, its not the end of the world.

there are 3 ppl i consider important besides family. izaril, zul and linda. im not yet willing to lose any one of them. if all else fails, perhaps perfect isolation from the world should work for me.

i miss someone and something. i just dont know what and who.

im listening to nitin sawhney's boatman. i dno what hes saying, but whatever hes saying, it makes me feel as if ive been shipwrecked yet again, n im not about giving up hope just about yet. u can repeat this song a hundred times but it still makes u feel the same way. tts just nitin's magic i guess.

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