Friday, April 2, 2004

east coast was soothing. ended up drenched, had to go home in wet wet jeans. as if wet was not enough, it full of sand. how undesirable. oh the fine sand decides to reside at the root of my hair. thanks but no thanks

maybe it was the wind. maybe it was the water. maybe it was the clouds. maybe it was the sand. maybe it was the lights. maybe it was our chilli tuna. maybe it was the chicken wings. maybe it was the winter melon. maybe it was the night. bcos tonight i felt special bcos of u.

and errr maybe what i wanted was a sip of satisfaction. if you turn, i might feel better. better bcos it just is tt way. turn and make my day. there might even be no more of this. deal?

ágætis byrjun - a good beginning. and so it'll be alright for now. im halfway on this rollercoaster. so im not yet ready to fall at an accelerated speed. i might appreciate an eventual one. just so im prepared.

my heart smiles to see you happy. im happiest if you're happier. help me help you and i assure you i'll make your day.

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