Saturday, April 3, 2004

everyone has the power to make someone happy. some do it by entering the room; others, by leaving it. n tt struck a cord.

so many deadlines. paper-chasing zombies. middle age children has not yet any historical markings. we strive 9 to 5 for peanuts. n i dont even like nuts. daydreamer sleepwalker crawls on his own aspirations. fallen eleven times, stand again on the twelveth. i lost my count upon compromising. n very lightly, i had promised i'd conform.

i think i had too much chicken wings. my stomach feels rather uneasy. explains my weird being.

lucky charm drives me crazy. makes me melt and go weak in the knees. if u listen, this might happen to you. oh this one blossoms doesnt it. i thought it was winter but you springed through. awww

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