Thursday, April 29, 2004

he and she used the oldest trick in the book. it even included the ancestral roots, upbringing and what not. well, old ya, but nonetheless provoking. and yes, you guys are in for a treat. u mentioned tit for tat. now heres your tat. rightfully yours.

i believed it began with a sentence without mention of any name, any purpose or any motive. what has been considered offensive has turned to yet another playground. he and she should run. should run, must run, must hide and not trip. i can address each of every one of your concern, so much so that you wont forget that "so" is the only last excuse you have. and yes. i am so very sure.

moving on. things tt im not so sure is when the bitchy eye of mine will decide to recover. studying becomes a hard chore when the eye starts its profuse process of irritating me. i went from 8 lects, to 6 lects to 1.5 lects. diminishing, decreasing, descending and so very the degrading.

ok lah. bye

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