Sunday, April 18, 2004

i know not how u feel. but i wish to remind you that are two sides to every story.

its not easy for me to understand completely how u feel, and i should at the very least give you what you want. if time is what you need, i should see to your request.

i know im a selfish person. i have abruptly dismissed whatever i never chose to understand. yes, we both need time. i ask for your compassionate understanding, n i understand that you've tried.

i trust you will make a right decision. i seek your forgiveness if my reaction to it should be weak. i know ure hurting. i wish there was something i could do to make your pain go away.

i love you and i thank you. i wish i could have told this to you

on Vineland past the candle shrine that melts into the street design
she waits... for someone
tonight she'll give herself away
she'll break apart all by herself
its so easy how we come undone
take me over when I'm gone
take me over make me strong
take me over when I'm gone
will they burn for me

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