Wednesday, April 14, 2004

if you go away as i know you must
there is nothing left in this world to trust
just an empty room full of empty space
like the empty look i see on your face
and i'd be the shadow of ur shadow
if u might have kept me by ur side
if you go away
if you go away
if you go away...

oh no. not happening againnn?! so dramatic. ish. irritating lah

thanks for today. yes mrs fields did save the day. im sorry it wasnt perfect. i should have made it tt way. sorry again.

so she tripped upon the little things again. time has set a limit for her. he had also drawn a line. n yet again she never fails to go overboard. why cant things be normal, if this is normal, screw normalcy. she had desired a great night with a great company. but he, she and it would not permit that. how screwed and pathetic she is. she even did a great vowel movement to exercise her superiority. a definite case of abused priorities. she tricked her circumstances, deceived him, so the consquences belonged to him. the aftermath would bring her to realization how wrong she is. dead wrong, a right turn is not going to help him. she thought of a u-turn, she doubted she'd do it any different.

its not his fault. he has been so forgiving. but as human as she is, she was weak to succumb to taking him for granted. now a sorry wouldnt help. soon, she faded into the dark, like all other things will. in the dark, she searches for answers, contemplated her actions. and when he gave her a glimspe of light, she rushed to shine and goes on in a roundabout she had created for herself

who is she. why had she come so uninvited. she didnt come with an introduction. she merely appeared in the midst of panic n claimed dominance on her side of the country. yes, she has won. she prevails.

there are two sides to a story. i reckon that shes nowhere in between. she needs direction. i need direction.

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