Monday, April 5, 2004

im in school and my teacher is preaching about "selective listening". we only listen to what we want to hear. well its true. what else can i say.

its raining heavily. but its a joy really. i see so many smiles. the pathway was flooded with water. and it was fun to see everyone helping one another. n im smiling!

had a 3 hour long break today. ate at ya kun kaya toast. its not meaty and chunky but its alright lah.

i smsed wawa in the morning to see how shes doing. shes wearing a sling on her arm now and mok is only going to see the doctor today. she has 2 weeks of medical leave. it must be really bad. well, i'll drop by tampines some time this week to see how shes doing. n i miss dan too. its been months since i last saw him.

i miss my grandma again. i was at cold storage this morning to get those chicken cheese dogs when i saw this old lady. and she reminded me of my grandma. must pay her a visit soon before she moves out to pasir ris.

i msged my sister the other day. she didnt reply. i didnt expect her to reply anyways. i hope hes doing fine. how else can i communicate with him.

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