Saturday, April 10, 2004

im sorrytt im just fucked. fuck melancholy. fuck depression. im going to be whatever the fuck i want to be.

and so the story goes. it isnt all bad you know. change could be possibly good.

no, im not having a bad day. no, my hormones are just fine. no, u didnt do nothing wrong. thank you for your concern.

i like your smile. n i do believe ur happiness is so contagious. it makes me jump like 8 year old. altho i do have the mood swings of 40 year old woman.

so i may be young and neurotic. im not tt disturbed about my disorder. but i do enjoy the normalcy. why the fuck would you want to be so different. ur attempts at attention seeking could have fucked the best of you.

maybe im not making sense. maybe i never do. maybe i never will.

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