Monday, April 26, 2004

like any normal sunday. tori amos is on my playlist.

i scoped out my 2 exam subjects today. 24 lectures to cover in a span of a week. zul keeps telling me its my last exams! he makes it sound like final judgement ish. zulu the bulu, u funny man you.

i watched billy madison today. hilarious lah that adam sandler. am going to d/l his movies. i miss gilmore girls. i dig the mother-daughter ish. very sweet lah.

i have to study 4 hours a day to complete the exam scope. (i calculated!) however, considering the working conditons of my surroundings, hmmm doubt tt'll happen.

i like five for fighting's vocalist. and linda, i can be the monkey on stage ok? u put up the cool front while i run the hilarious back. we'll rock the show mos def!

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