Wednesday, April 14, 2004

the mum came to me with malicious rumours someone had conveniently placed upon her. the cousin had a friend of mine. the friend was a close associate of my past secondary years. it was joke dragged to far. the auntie misinterpreted again.

it makes me wonder really why the auntie seems to weigh facts on the negative side. goodness, it was just a statement he made. i trust the friend to not mean harm upon me. plus he never appealed to me as the type to. but the auntie, well, she always had something bad to say. she made the final judgement on me and she never did make another one. she just wanted to believe that i wasnt any better and alot worse than her younger self.

please lah. u dont have to stoop so low. ur predictions on who i am or what i'll be isnt close to reality. leave me alone, can or not.

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