Sunday, April 25, 2004

oh so happy today. i had a blast with the usually unusual ppl.

we went to arab street for sheesha! mokster brought playing cards, i brought my deck too. so played bluff with 2 decks. it was hilarious. then we played 7 diamond. tt was a loooong one. izaril, aizat, switch, ali and lan came to join the five of us later.

ended up at mcdonalds because the chicken rice stall at bugis was closed. i re-discovered today that i have a funny laugh. when i really start laughing (really laughing), i tend to dance in circles. zul cries when he tells his ns stories! taufiq is part of sfogs! mokman is really funny. n wawa's laughter is contagious. shes not wearing the sling anymore. thank god shes all better.

we talked a bit about having an asone meeting. havent seen the rest in ages. our meeting place is at marina square. there can be like 30 of us sitting on the staircase leading to the esplanade. there would be food, drinks, cards and what not. it has always been fun. we're thinking of holding a chalet or a barbeque pit. but well, kita org mana pernah buat plan yg jadi.

so i guess dan the man is going to quit school. i really hope he heeds everyones advice and stay in school. he only has another year before he gets his diploma. but hes too engrossed in his other activities to be bothered about school. hmm, he called last week to ask me out. he wanted to have dinner with me, i told him to call next week cos i had plans. he called two days ago, but i was doing my project at tt time. i wish i had the time to talk to him. i used to be close with him. but ever since i moved to this deserted place, i havent had much contact with him ever since. it used to devastate him. now, i just hope hes happy.

and to you my dear, before the doors closed, u smiled at me. and it reminded me still of how happy youve made me. be happy, love. smile and the azlin will smile with you hahaha

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