Thursday, April 8, 2004

ok. video tu kelakar. cute kan?

i have 7 project submissions. n all due next week. then its exams. man, who packed this schedule. cos it sure is heavy. travelling light anyone? ahh. the usual corny juice.

i wont be seeing much of anyone anymore after that. 29th may would prolly be the last. im going to miss my idiotic class.
theres reeza, i like her but she irritates the hell out of me so much some times, plus she makes the most blunt comments. talk bout an edge, this lady is razor sharp. but shes nice lah. then theres michelle, andi and chee keong, these are sweeties i do my projects with. theyre funny funny ppl. shaun and nick, they too. n a few more here and there. its always like this when it comes to the end. ofcos i'll miss linda too lah

yesterday was spent at tampines after the seminar. familiar faces were present. the usual zaril, zul, ekhwan, mok, wawa, ana, taufiq, bless and myself bumped into imran, freaky z and another mohd nor. it was fun tho. mok kept making monkey faces everytime ana says something. n i cant help but do the same. wawa looked pretty bad, her left arm is in a sling and its getting weaker by the day. lets hope she gets well.

helped izaril with a few shots today for his fusion04. did projects. went to school for nothing. the usuals. ok lah.
shake it. shake it like a polaroid picture

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