Sunday, April 4, 2004

ouch. i didnt expect a discussion to overheat into an argument. but i have a strong opinion and i might be too narrow in accepting other views. arent we taught that way?

this is not near fulfulling for me. i think there could be more to it. it must not be but it could be. theres not a solution to every problem. theres not an answer to every question. not everything is available in black and white. and i am proof of such circumstances. there is nothing great about it. i do not wish to be zombified for 70 somewhat years to live n tell no story.

this story could have been about you. this could have meant something because you were there. that would be great. n ive been told to be satisfied. its not all that bad. but it isnt heaven here. there are conditions and rules that everyone has to conform to. bcos if we dont, it'll fuck with us all over again. its what we're supposed to do. but its not exactly what we're here for. n what we're here for isnt as simple as posing a question. if it was a question, u could take your whole life to get it answered. and im not surprised if you dont find one. bcos tts not all to it. n tts just the way it is

i cant make you understand this. if you do, you do. if you dont, well thats tt. that goes for me too.

i found today hes 16 and shes 21. that story couldve been mine. hiiakhiak

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