Monday, April 5, 2004

u gave me ur word. n now i give u mine. u shouldnt have took urs too lightly. cos im heavy on promises. so pack ur tonnes of verbs nouns adjectives and what not n keep it under covers. let someone else unravel it. cos i shoved it some time ago and im not about picking up the pieces anymore. well at least not right now.

if you want to tell the story, i suggest u get ur strategy right. n i have given u til the wee time is running. if you stumbled upon ur unclear storylines. perhaps you should invest in mind maps. in conclusion, i think i did a perfect job. this one u have to rehearse urself. in the mean time, get ur act right mister.

at least i got to see something similar right. tts a consolation. i think its been too long. hmmm hmmm

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