Thursday, April 1, 2004

yay yippee hooray. its almost overrr mister.

oh linda. dishwalla is even better. (gets all touchy n stuff) biler nak chill lagi? did i ever tell u this... i want you to be a friend for a looong time. until i can tell my children one day, "eh tu makcik linda, sahabat karib u know" hehe. yabbadoo ooh ooh

i had a great day today. been having those lately. was at bras basah in the afternoon, he got his portfolio. chinese laksa for lunch at suntec. roamed around. n around again. beef lasagne at fountain terrace dont taste so good.

oh must watch passion of christ. intriguing it looks. so we'll see ok?

oh empty stomach. thinking of juicy roasted chicken, black pepper beef, chilli crab n so much more. n it doesnt help at all. i miss my nenek's cooking. she knows how to make a man happy. the way to a man's heart is his stomach. then i must be guranteed to lose my way.

who stole the soul ? - i reckon rock and roll did.

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