Friday, May 14, 2004

100 years

it feels more humid than ever.

i have 2121415642 pimples. the moisture from the weather is embracing the hormones lah. and the stress from the exams. and another catalyst is the missus pimply pms. not a good time. the hormones seems to be having a major celebration and the way it looks, its as if they're inviting everyone. damn u hormones.

still contemplating on already solid plans. fickle will always be fickle til the very last minute.

im sorry if things look a little different to you now. maybe it is different. change is inevitable after all. we'll do what we can and we'll see what shall become.

i havent tasted the satisfaction of a rather unseeming platform. the motion is still in flickers and thou shall taste the indefinite before the absolute. til then a sip of obscurity might confirm further plans.

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